Friday, 26 August 2011

No Justice - No peace (the sequel)

The exhibition has been a success thus far. We've had a lot of interest and people coming through - we even managed to sell a few pieces.

(2011), 80 X 80, Acrylics on canvas

We have had some very positive reviews from Modkraft and Arbejderen (Sorry, Danish only), plus some mentions around. It appears Magasinet Kunst might also have a feature later.

Gulf of Aden
(2011) 100 X 100, Acrylics on canvas

You can still catch the exhibition at Arttra if you missed it so far - Rasmus Nielsen and myself are still sitting out there mon-tue 2-6 pm and thur 2-7 for the next week. If you want to see the exhibition, but can't make it during those times just drop me a line or have a look at the online catalogue (with explanations/essays in Danish on the last pages) and if you consider supporting starving artists check out the price list.

(2011), 65 X 57, Collage, ink, acrylics and spraypaint on cardboard

In other news the PM finally called an election here in Denmark, exactly two days after my friend Babak Vakili returned from Berlin and finished recording the track and video for Enhedslisten's unofficial campaign song "Listen" based on the Talib Kweli track of the same name produced by Kwame. Check the video below (peep the t-shirt while you're at it).

For those of you who want to bump this all the way to the election it can be downloaded here.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Opening at Arttra

The "No Justice - No Peace" opening was a great success. Somehow we managed to get all of the pieces done in time, get them up on the walls in an acceptable manner, get them photographed, make the catalogue, sell some pieces, get (almost) sufficient amounts of beer, djs and slam poets and an amazing turnout.

Thanks to everyone who came out and made it possible, especially Ida van Gaever, Sigurd Hartkorn Plaetner, Sanja Golubovic, Walid Mezian, Allan Bjerre, Jesper Spiegelberg, Luke Hørsving, Claus Ankersen, Villains Art Crew, Kim Christensen, Jo and Sven Skriver.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

No Justice - No Peace

I have spent the past two months working on a new show with Rasmus Nielsen. After completing the painting of Frantz Fanon and Christiansborg/Osu we decided that the process and the end product was so positive that we should try to make all of our work collaborative for the next show: A great idea, but a whole lot of work...

We decided to focus our work around the classical slogan "no justice - no peace"to highlight and explore, not only contemporary injustices, but also the resistance it provokes.

After finally finishing all of the pieces (two all-nighters, caffeine-addiction and beginning mental shutdown as the above images attest to) we got Jesper Spiegelberg to make a trailer for the exhibition.

The show opens next Friday (12. August 5 pm) at Arttra Gallery (Vesterbrogade 171, 2000 frb. C).

Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Its been a while since the last update due to some unfortunate technical complications. However, I can reveal that silence is golden and my absence from the blog does not mean that I have not been busy.

Since coming back from Ghana there have been a lot of developments happening and it looks like this summer will be full of shows and a new webpage courtesy of Jesper Spiegelberg). Kicking things off will be the P:REVIEW show with Rasmus Nielsen at Streetmekka which opens this friday. The show is comprised of older works, some which have previously been shown and some which haven't, and functions as a preview of a full show which will open in two months time.

The opening will coincide with the Friday Jam at StreetMekka, which I don't know anything about, but it sounds amazing (check out the previous link). Unfortunately I will miss it since I am travelling to Berlin tonight, on the upside Vinal Villains are rumoured to play a set, the address is:

Enghavevej 82 D
2450 København SV
+45 3323 6665

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

pull up!

Been having some trouble with my camera, but finally managed to steal some photos from Jesper Spiegelberg of a recent project. Its the turntable-stand/record-library at the vinyl villain hideout - keep the music playing!


Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Wild at West End

After four days of working I finally finished my piece on the 10 x 3 m wall at west end facing vesterbrogade. It was incredibly encouraging to have the support of the community and hearing their reactions as the work progressed.

Saturday, 21 August 2010


A little preview of a current project, more pictures to come!

More than that, me and Rasmus Nielsen are painting Murals inside the gate at West End in Copenhagen - paint and good weather sponsored by Rumkammerat and Vesterbro lokalråd.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Christiansborg and Fanon

I got my chance to add some touches to Rasmus' work. The first one here is titled "Christiansborg (osu)" referring to the little know fact that the name of the Danish parliament (Christiansborg) was also the name of a Danish slave-centre in Ghana. Danish colonial endeavours and efforts in the triangle trade are largely ignored in the public debate in Denmark and only has a very limited presence in schools - I managed to make it through primary school without ever hearing about it. This has recently been sought rectified as the eloquent Shelley Moorhead has come from the former Danish Virgin Islands to campaign for awareness of Denmarks role in the aforementioned atrocities. Click this link for an interesting interview.

The names of Danish slaveships which experienced insurrections in the background

An image of revolutionary Franz Fanon, whose intellectual and personal commitment to the liberation of Algeria remains an inspiration.
the painting is named after his most famous work "the wretched of this earth" and the background contains passages from this work.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

the struggle continues

Rasmus returned the canvases looking like this... Sorry for the poor quality images, but I decided to throw my camera around a little bit, so you'll have to contend with mobilephone-pics - stay posted for my comeback!

Friday, 18 June 2010

Weekend update

from the series of canvases I'm working on with Rasmus Nielsen. Also the pictures are beginning to come up on thanks to Alicia Krozer (the sound remains a bit of a thorny issue, but stay posted for more info).

Friday, 4 June 2010

Vakilisme - et portræt af Babak Vakili

A while back I mentioned I was doing illustrations for a documentary about Babak Vakili. The movie Vakilisme was filmed and produced by Sohail A. Hassan and had a couple of showings at CPH:Dox festival last year, since then it has been making its way around on television and now finally on the internet!

The movie also includes a couple of my murals and a performance from Babak at the opening of the Iraq show at Rumkammerat last year - big up! More than that there is a bunch of good people, music, ideas and people... Unfortunately the whole thing is in Danish, but a subtitled version should be up soon.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Fjendebilleder - et hjemstavnsportræt

I have an installation up at Vesterfælledvej 63 in Vesterbro. It will be part of a project called "Fjendebilleder - et hjemstavnsportræt".

The installation is hosted by the good people at NLH Space, which is a permanently closed gallery space visible from the street 24-7.

The installation will form the backdrop of a series of interviews about the work as well as the negative construction of identity, more particularly the elusive "danishness" politicians evoke against minorities when they don't have anything constructive to say.

The interviews will, along with portraits of the interviewees be posted to the website and will hopefully form the core of a book project combining academic insights and aesthetic practices in the near future. If you're interested in participating write me an email (the address should be on your left).

A picture from the opening which sums it all up - thanks to everyone who came out